choppr – short urls (crx)

Trying to cope with the seemingly inevitable, I re-wrote my choppr opera extension for Flickr™ in terms of a Chrome(ium) extension.

Choppr is an extension that adds a short to the right hand column on a Flickr™ photo page.

This short url is calculated from the photo's unique id (actually, the calculation is ”bijective“, thus could be inverted) – there is no web service contacted during that process.

You find the short url behind a little ☆-icon below the photo's license statement and above its privacy information in the right hand info column.

The Chrome version of the extension comes with the added value of showing an icon in the address field, if you are surfing a Flickr™ picture page; a click on that icons copies the shortened to your clipboard. …

As I'm not willing to pay the $5 entrance-fee for the Google Play store (does Opera plan to keep its own AppStore? – I certainly hope so), I offer the Chrome-Choppr extension here.

You will probably have to configure Chrome to allow installing extensions hosted outside Google Play.

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  1. I don’t know if I understand you correctly:$5 is a one-time fee a *developer* has to pay to be able to publish in the Google App Store. This is *not* something the user of an app or extension has anything to do with.Opera on the other hand does not charge the developer (nor can a publisher sell his extensions).The Opera version of my extension does not copy the url to the clipboard – you have to use the context menu (”copy link address…“) or select the link.The Chrome variant does copy the url with the click on the icon.

  2. Does the Opera version copy the url by just clicking?If your click start uploading now it doesn’t ask for the $5.

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