Google search key unbreaker (UserJS)

On its search pages, Google™ captures all plain key strokes to stuff 'em into the search input box. This breaks the single key commands feature of Opera, if you – like I do – enabled this legacy feature in the advanced settings section and like to use it. But there is help available: a UserJS that ”unbreaks“ this Opera feature on Google pages.

There are plenty of single key commands available; let me mention ”1“ and ”2“ which select the previous or next tab, respectively, or another number key ”6“, which sets zoom back to 100%; another useful command is the ”i“ to toggle through the image loading/showing strategies; not to forget ”z“ (or ”y“ if redefined for some keyboard layouts) ans ”x“ as quick back and forward commands.

The following UserJS stops Google™ from capturing those commands; you can easily fine tune the script to your personal needs, if you have a look at the section in the first part of the script and edit it with a text editor.

Note that this script is heavily based on a similar script by spadija (or is it even just a modification – don't remember).


Copy the attached file into your ”User JavaScript folder“ (you can get this information from the opera:about page or set it up in ”Preference»Advanced»Content::Javascript Options»User JavaScript folder“).

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