Google search key unbreaker (UserJS)

On its search pages, Google™ captures all plain key strokes to stuff 'em into the search input box. This breaks the single key commands feature of Opera, if you – like I do – enabled this legacy feature in the advanced settings section and like to use it. But there is help available: a UserJS that ”unbreaks“ this Opera feature on Google pages.

There are plenty of single key commands available; let me mention ”1“ and ”2“ which select the previous or next tab, respectively, or another number key ”6“, which sets zoom back to 100%; another useful command is the ”i“ to toggle through the image loading/showing strategies; not to forget ”z“ (or ”y“ if redefined for some keyboard layouts) ans ”x“ as quick back and forward commands.

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choppr – short urls (crx)

Trying to cope with the seemingly inevitable, I re-wrote my choppr opera extension for Flickr™ in terms of a Chrome(ium) extension.

Choppr is an extension that adds a short to the right hand column on a Flickr™ photo page.

This short url is calculated from the photo's unique id (actually, the calculation is ”bijective“, thus could be inverted) – there is no web service contacted during that process.

You find the short url behind a little ☆-icon below the photo's license statement and above its privacy information in the right hand info column.

The Chrome version of the extension comes with the added value of showing an icon in the address field, if you are surfing a Flickr™ picture page; a click on that icons copies the shortened to your clipboard. …

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