Google Analytics IP Masking (UserJS)

The Google Analytics-API provides a new feature, that allows a webmaster to instruct the Google Analytics tracker (that is constructed by of a tiny piece of Javascript code embedded in the web page's markup) not to store the last 8 bits of the IP address of you, the visitor.

This UserScript checks each inline script embedded in a web page, whether a Google Analytics Tracker is constructed therein. If that is the case, it surgically 😉 inserts an Analytics-API call to the _anonymizeIp() function, thus requesting the masquerade of the IP.

New: As an experimental feature you can also enable the handling of asynchronous trackers. A call to _anonymizeIp() is pushed into the _gaq command queue in these cases.

You may consider it one step in direction of an alternative to the Google Analytics Opt-Out Addons available for other major browsers. …

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