”Recover“ localStorage and Widgets’ settings for Next 12.00 builds 1317|1325

This script was solely interesting together with builds Opera Next v12.00 1317 and 1325, not earlier or later builds!

If you install Opera 12.00 Next builds 1317 and 1325 over earlier 12.00 Next builds, due to bug DSK-358417 you lose any localStorage data as well as all individual Widgets setting (widgets.storage).

This happens, because formerly mentioned builds expect this data in the ”local“ part of an Opera profile, not in the ”roaming“ (as it is called in Windows Vista). You can fix this by moving the old data to the new location.

To make the procedure of moving the storage folders for each widget (which includes addon or extensions and might be a lot), I created a batch script for Windows users (cmd.exe or JP-Soft's TCC compatible). Linux users find information, what to copy where in this thread of the forums.

Two (three, rather) steps have to be taken:

  1. Move "%localappdata%\opera\opera\widgets\*widget*\pstorage" to "%localappdata%\opera\opera\widgets\*widget*\cache\pstorage"
  2. for each widget.

  3. Move "%appdata%\opera\opera\pstorage" to "%localappdata%\opera\opera\cache\pstorage".
  4. Move "%localappdata%\opera\*TheWidget*\widgets\*widget*\pstorage" to "%localappdata%\opera\*The*Widget*\widgets\*wuid-widgetid*\cache\pstorage" for each ”Widget-widget“ – that are those Widgets, that can be run standalone and are by default installed into the %programfiles% folder.
    ⌘ The following script does not take care of this last trait of settings!

This batch file tries to find the respective folders automatically; if it fails, you can help it out by starting it from the widgets"%localappdata%\Opera\Opera\widgets"“).
An undo batch script is generated in the very same widgets folder, that allows you to unroll the changes, should Opera decide to move the storage back to its ancient place.
⌘ But note, that the undo script would not handle widgets or extensions you install after the recover script ran in the first place!

⌘ I did not test it a whole lot. So be careful!

If you look at the code, you find the line ”set DBG=echo ~~~~ “ or ”set DBG=“. In the first case the file operations, the script wants to perform, are simply echoed, but not actually performed; this allows you, to double check, whether everything runs to your liking.


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