Re-assign search.ini search engine section numbers automatically w/ UltraEdit script

If you do not want to use a full-fletched search.ini editor to customize that file to suite your personal needs in terms of searching, then you can certainly use a plain text editor. it is time consuming and unpleasant, though, to re-assign consecutive numbers to the search engines' .ini sections.

If UltraEdit™ (as of versions 15+, I guess) is your editor, then you can use the attached UltraEdit-Javascript to automate the process of giving numbers to search engines. …


You need UltraEdit™ v15+ (or UEStudio™ in an appropriate version). Select Scripting » Scripts… :: Add…[/FILE] in UltraEdit™ and select the downloaded script in order to attach it to the Scripting menu. From there you can launch the script conveniently. Ensure, the right search.ini file is in the active tab and run the script to see magic at work. ,)


Open the file as a regular text file in UltraEdit™; study the first lines of real code to see if you think some configuration is even necessary. You shouldn't have to change anything, except you insist on UNIX™ line terminating convention.


Respect the license. Feedback appreciated. Have Fun! :D


»» xa-opera-search-renum.js


Version 1.00 [2010-03-22]

  • Initially released version

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