Open-A-Thing ˣᵃ — Open Anything

On different occasions a new context menu item is made available, allowing you to easily do different things:

  • Selected text:
    → Open a selected plain text url like for example in ”this is selected“
    → Search for arbitrary text using a user definable search engine
  • Frame or inline frame:
    → Maximize that frame, ie open the frame’s url in a new tab
  • A media item, eg an image, a canvas element or a video:
    → Open source url of media item

XenoWikipedia – Lookup things on Wikipedia

XenoWikipedia is an address field (aka omnibox) extension that lets you easily lookup things in the various language variants of the online encyclopedia.


Type ”wx“ into the address field followed by a space separated optional edition- or language code and the token you are referring Wikipedia for.

For example type:

wx de xeno


Get it from the Opera Addon repository:
»» XenoWikipedia

Get it as extension from the Google™ Chrome Web Store:
»» XenoWikipedia


If you want to reward my efforts by a bitcoin donation (1NgX5eA2wxX6YizWb9VgYZZdNPBu8t4gW1 [QR]), then you are welcome. 🙂


Screenshot of a sample Wikipedia research using XenoWik
Screenshot of a sample Wikipedia research using XenoWiki